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Robert Wise


A few of the tools I've used as a geographer, software engineer, boatbuilder, sailor, investor, householder and artilleryman. From left to right: template for flowchart symbols, ledger, solar calculator, marine chart, notebook, protractor, magnetic compass, hand-held GPS, topographic map, engineer's scale, bevel gauge, atlas, pipe wrench, plumber's tape. I used plenty of computer programs, too, but screen shots aren't that interesting..
"Eclectications" is a made-up word, but embodies a Greek root that suggests a wide ranging collection of topics. By making it up*, I was able to uphold my record of never paying for a domain name. I won't pay a dime to those parasitic domain-sitters who register names only to hold and sell to someone else.

What qualifies me to write about everything under the sun? A lifetime of eclectic experience - field artillery, graduate study in geography and meteorology, mapmaking, college teaching, computer programming in scientific applications, boatbuilding, and developing maps and imagery to support a workstation that could deploy anywhere on earth.

My plan for this blog is to present information on important issues of all kinds, with some humor or background color to make it pleasant reading. I'll also post some personal stories and essays, just to keep my fingers in shape. I hope you enjoy it.

Best viewed in: the browser of your choice. Per the original goals of the html protocol, I don't do elaborate formatting or "optimize" for a particular browser.

Mistakes: If you see an error of fact, please let me know so I can fix it. I want each entry to be as correct as possible, even if all readers don't see the latest corrections. Each post has a revision record.

* I wasn't the first to make up the word "eclectications." Jo Ann Novik of Rehoboth Beach, DE started her consulting and business services firm under this name in 2011.